A Study in Karma


Annie Besant


Published in 1917


Annie Besant

1847 - 1933






Fundamental Principles


Laws: Natural and Man-Made


The Law of Laws


The Eternal Now






The Laws of Nature


A Lesson of The Law


Karma Does Not Crush


Apply This Law


Man in The Three Worlds


Understand The Truth


Man and His Surroundings


The Three Fates


The Pair of Triplets


Thought, The Builder


Practical Meditation


Will and Desire


The Mastery of Desire


Two Other Points


The Third Thread


Perfect Justice


Our Environment


Our Kith and Kin


Our Nation


The Light for a Good Man


Knowledge of Law


The Opposing Schools


The More Modern View




Out of the Past


Old Friendships


We Grow By Giving


Collective Karma


Family Karma


National Karma


India’s Karma


National Disasters


How The Ego Selects


Englands’s Karma


The French Revolution


A Noble National Ideal





Annie Besant Visits Cardiff 1924

Annie Besant and two Theosophical Society officials from India

are greeted by Cardiff Theosophists at Cardiff Central Station.

Annie Besant was International President of the

Adyar Theosophical Society from 1907 until her death in 1933


History of the Adyar Theosophical Society 



Leading Theosophists in London 1891

Annie Besant, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott (Seated) and 

William Quan Judge in London after the funeral of

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1891



Annie Besant and Mohandes K Gandhi

Annie Besant was at one time President of The Indian National Congress

and put under house arrest for her stand on Indian Home Rule in 1917.

Her dream of an Anglo-Indian Commonwealth became unrealistic

after the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre in Amritsar 1919.


Welsh Theosophists Protest Against

Internment of Annie Besant 1917



The Match Girls Strike 1888

Annie Besant, The Social Reformer

On 23rd June 1888, Annie Besant wrote an article in her newspaper,

The Link. The article, entitled "White Slavery in London", complained

about the way the women at Bryant & May were being treated.

The company reacted by attempting to force their workers to

sign a statement that they were happy with their working conditions.

When a group of women refused to sign, the organisers of the group

was sacked. The response was immediate; 1400 of the women at

 Bryant & May went on strike.



Annie Besant at Le Bourget

Annie Besant arrives in France at Le Bourget from

Croydon Aerodrome on her way back to India after

visiting Cardiff Theosophical Society in 1924






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1831 - 1891


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Life & Work of H P Blavatsky

A Theosophy Study Resource


Dave’s Streetwise 

Theosophy Boards

The Theosophy Website that

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Great Theosophists

The Big Names of Theosophy

H P Blavatsky is usually the only

Theosophist that most people have ever

heard of. Let’s put that right





The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide To

Death & The Afterlife


Blavatsky Calling

The Voice of the Silence Website


The Blavatsky Free State

An Independent Theosophical Republic

Links to Free Online Theosophy 

Study Resources; Courses, Writings, 

Commentaries, Forums, Blogs




Visit the Feelgood Lodge

The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining.

Topics include Quantum Theory and Socks,

Dick Dastardly and Legendary Blues Singers.


Theosophy and Reincarnation

A selection of articles on Reincarnation

by Theosophical writers

Provided in response to the large 

number of enquiries we receive at 

Cardiff Theosophical Society on this subject


Nothing answers questions

like Theosophy can!

The Key to Theosophy


Applied Theosophy

Henry Steel Olcott


Blavatsky Calling

and I Don’t Wanna Shout

The Voice of the Silence Website


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Devachan


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Dreams


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Angels


Theosophy and Help From

The Universe


Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

Getting Started in Theosophy

This is for everyone, you don’t have to live

in Wales to make good use of this Website


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Cardiff


Theosophy in Wales

The Grand Tour


Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages


Theosophy Wales 2008 Changes

A new structure for the

Theosophical Movement in Wales


High Drama & Worldwide Confusion

as Theosophy Cardiff Separates from the

Welsh Regional Association (formed 1993)


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Wales


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Cardiff


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Utah

Theosophy Cardiff are in regular communication

with the Theosophical Society in Utah


Theosophy Cardiff Burn-Up







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Heavy Metal Overview




Rock ‘n Roll Chronology




The Tooting Broadway

Underground Theosophy Website

The Spiritual Home of Urban Theosophy


The Mornington Crescent

Underground Theosophy Website

The Earth Base for Evolutionary Theosophy


H P Blavatsky’s Heavy Duty

Theosophical Glossary

Published 1892



Complete Theosophical Glossary in Plain Text Format




William Quan Judge

1851 - 1896


The Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Preface    Theosophy and the Masters    General Principles


The Earth Chain    Body and Astral Body    Kama – Desire


Manas    Of Reincarnation    Reincarnation Continued


Karma    Kama Loka    Devachan    Cycles


Septenary Constitution Of Man


Arguments Supporting Reincarnation


Differentiation Of Species Missing Links


Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena


Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism


Theosophy Cardiff’s

Instant Guide to Theosophy

Quick Explanations with Links to More Detailed Info



What is Theosophy ?  Theosophy Defined (More Detail)


Three Fundamental Propositions  Key Concepts of Theosophy


Cosmogenesis  Anthropogenesis  Root Races


Ascended Masters  After Death States


The Seven Principles of Man  Karma


Reincarnation   Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Colonel Henry Steel Olcott  William Quan Judge


The Start of the Theosophical Society


History of the Theosophical Society


Theosophical Society Presidents


History of the Theosophical Society in Wales


The Three Objectives of the Theosophical Society


Explanation of the Theosophical Society Emblem


The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS)


Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Glossaries of Theosophical Terms


Worldwide Theosophical Links






Elementary Theosophy

An Outstanding Introduction to Theosophy

By a student of Katherine Tingley


Elementary Theosophy Who is the Man?  Body and Soul   


Body, Soul and Spirit  Reincarnation  Karma


The Seven in Man and Nature


The Meaning of Death




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